Wasai – The Art of Kimono Making

Today want to write about my obsession for wasai (和裁). 3 years ago I started to learn how to make kimono. Read all about the passion of making kimono with my own hands.

16th Lesson: Japanese Sandals

“I bought a kimono and would love to go out wearing it, but I’m still not sure what shoes I should wear?” Read all about Japanese sandals. How are they called and what is the difference? And most important: how much do they cost?

Kimono Lessons in English

A few months ago I started to teach the art of kimono dressing. Today I want to introduce 2 of my precious girls and show you how far you can come in just 3 lessons.





My Day as a furisode shinzō

During the Golden Week (first week in May) I had the chance to participate in the biggest historical show in Kumamoto City: the oiran dōchū. Find out more about the day when I became a Japanese prostitute in Edo-Period.

15th Lesson: Wedding Kimono

Probably the most special kimono among all kimono: the wedding kimono. What’s so special about it? How many kinds of wedding kimono do exist? And what do all those little items symbolize? Read all about the fashion of Japanese brides.



Your Own DIY-Obi

Do you sometimes find those pictures of beautiful obi and think: “Damn! Where can I buy that?” And then you realize the sad truth: it’s self-made and not for sell. But how can one make an obi? And can you also make an obi out of non-kimono fabrics?

Being a TV-Star in Japan

It’s not long ago since I started to be a regular member on the local TV show “KumaPAWA” aired in Kumamoto Prefecture. How was the first time? Is my life changing? Read more about my experiences of being a local TV star.

Kimono Fashion Show in Kumamoto

Kimono has a wide range of different types and ranks. There are kimono for every day, for a formal event, special kimono for dancing, and of course special kimono for geisha (芸者). All this kimonos where put together in a big show. See what you have missed!