A Walk Through Kumamoto’s History of Literature

Kumamoto is located in the center of the southern Japanese island Kyūshū. Two of the most famous writers in Japan lived here and were inspired to books, every Japanese knows. Follow the tracks through Kumamoto’s literary past and look for inspiration on this tour.

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Uto Jizō Matsuri – The Special Summer Festival

Uto jizō matsuri (うと地蔵まつり) is one of the 3 big and well-known summer festivals in Kumamoto Prefecture. Find out more about the festival celebrated for the Bodhisattva who protects kids and pregnant women.

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Local Cuisine: Tsuboitei

This place makes you feel like you’ve Japanese relatives with a flair like your aunt’s home and traditional local cuisine with fresh ingredients produced in Kumamoto. Located right next to Hitsuyūkan Highschool it’s super easy to find.

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16th Lesson: Japanese Sandals

“I bought a kimono and would love to go out wearing it, but I’m still not sure what shoes I should wear?” Read all about Japanese sandals. How are they called and what is the difference? And most important: how much do they cost?

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Kimono Lessons in English

A few months ago I started to teach the art of kimono dressing. Today I want to introduce 2 of my precious girls and show you how far you can come in just 3 lessons.

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Kimono Dressing Contest in Kumamoto 2017

There’s a yearly kimono dressing contest in Kumamoto and it was my second time to participate. Wanna see the outcome? Here we go!

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