Why I Became a Kimono Blogger

The first time, when I saw a kimono, was during elementary school and of course it was a scene of a Japanese anime. Nevertheless, this was the time when I fell in love with Kimono and began to dream about wearing one once. I never thought that I would even own one.

The first time I wore a kimono was four years ago. It ended up with buying a yukata and practising how to put it on. I attended kimono classes and learned about it more and more, but I there was still the expensive image on my mind. So I didn’t believe that I could ever buy more than a yukata. This was, when my first sensei (teacher) introduced me to the world of so-called recycled and antique kimono. I still think it’s amazing that you are able to buy a Kimono for less than $5. But with buying old kimono, you even have to learn much more about cloth, size etc.

As my kimono collection is steadily growing along with the knowledge of small, little stores in Japan noone else seem to know, I want to share that knowledge and try to forgive myself that I bought four of them this month, by persuading myself they’ll be useful, if I blog about them. 🙂

This blog will probably become boring, but I’ll try to make it as interesting and useful I can. Still, I’m not a professional this is just a blog from beginner to beginner. So, please stay with me!



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