My Kimono Academy

Today I want to introduce you to the Kimono academy I’m attending. My first teacher (sensei) was the mother of my host family. But when I moved to Kumamoto Prefecture, I had to find a new sensei. As Kimono classes can be very expensive, I chose a comparatively cheap one, which classes are not crashing with work. You should know that the way to put a Kimono on differs from sensei to sensei. This makes it very hard to found something like a centralized organization, but actually there exist some. One of those organizations is the Nihon Wasō Gakuen (日本和装学園) and they have schools in whole Japan, Thailand, and China.

The “speed dressing” of Nihon Wasō Gakuen is one of the characteristics. To become the highest rank, you have to put on a Kimono and to tie the obi within six minutes with bandaged eyes. When I attended my first class there, I wanted to cry, because the way they are putting a Kimono on was totally different from that way I have been studying for about two years. And I thought it is impossible to wear a Kimono without checking the mirror. Well, now I know how convenient it is to be able to wear a Kimono without looking into a mirror. Do you ever look into a mirror, when you put a jeans on? No. And that’s the point. Nihon Wasō Gakuen makes a Kimono more ordinary, because you can dress up as fast as a “normal western” outfit.

wpid-dsc_1423.jpg Speed dressing show

This weekend we had our “Kimono Spring Party”, where all classes of my sensei attended. The director of the head office in Osaka, Hiroko Matsushima, came as a special guest and gave a very short lecture about “Creation of Kimono’s Fashion”. She was just talking about what you shouldn’t forget while creating a new outfit. Not only color and pattern, even hair and obi musubi is very important. After that we had lunch and all classes showed their prepared shows. My class just sang karaoke together。Actually we prepared the dance of “R.Y.U.S.E.I” by J Soul Brothers, but the karaoke box was too old for the song, so we sang another one. I guess, our dance would have looked hilarious. 😀

wpid-dsc_1434.jpg My sensei introducing the kawari musubi models.

In June we will have our “Kimono Tournament”, where I will take part in, too. My sensei has big expatiations. I’m not sure I can live up to them, but I’ll do my best. So, let’s work hard together! 🙂


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