The Keystone Garden

Sorry for the long absence. The new fiscal year started last week and the turn was busier than I thought. Today I want to introduce a new category for this blog which is for showing some nice spots in Japan suitable for having a kimono date.

The first spot is a little restaurant called “The Keystone Garden” in the middle of the mountains in Kumamoto Prefecture which lies next to one of the four stone bridges in this prefecture.
I went there with work, but the only thing I could think about was taking pictures there posing in a kimono.
They serve a quite western dishes cooked with Indian spices. Besides, all ingredients are produced in Kumamoto or Kyushu Island.
How to get there by car: follow the Route 218 from Kumamoto until the stone bridge called “Reitaikyo (霊台橋)”.
You can also go there by bus 南14 bound for  Hama-machi (浜町) starting at the Kotsu Center in Kumamoto City until “Reitaikyo”. It will take about 1 hour and 20 minutes.
Address: 1161 Kiyomizu, Misato-machi, Shimomashikigun, Kumamoto Prefecture
Telephone: 0964-47-1775

It is a nice old house with the best view ever!  And you you will definitely take lots of nice pictures there, even if the weather might suck. 🙂


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