6th Lesson: Nagajuban

Nagajuban (長襦袢) is the undergarment you wear under a Kimono. There are a lot of different kinds of nagajuban and, as we all know the Japanese culture, even for an undergarment there are some rules to follow.

① Fabric

There are nagajuban for all kinds of kimono. In winter they are double clothed and are called awase nagajuban. But I really recommend to buy some hitoe nagajuban, because you can wear them even in Japan’s hot May, June, and September, as well as in winter season. On my opinion an awase nagajuban doesn’t really fight the cold better than a hitoe nagajuban.


In summer there are nagajuban made of the same cloth like natsumono. As natsumono are made of a very thin cloth, natumono nagajuban have to be white, otherwise there pattern would show through the kimono.


② Color

When you look for nagajuban, you will find out that there is even such a diversity in color and pattern like kimonos have. The very colorful with lavish pattern are mostly antique.

ant_naga2 ant_naga3

Fully white ones are worn on very formal scenarios (wedding etc.) under kurotomesode.

naga8 naga7

And there are some other with normal small patterns like komon or dyed with light color. The easiest rule to remember is that loud nagajuban you should wear them under casual kimono. But if it is a light color, you can also wear them under formal kimono. Suitable for casual kimono:

naga3 naga2 naga10naga1naga12

Siutable for formal kimono:


These were all basics about nagajuban. Stay frosty!

P.S.: If you liked the examples, more here 🙂


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