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Most of you might think that you can’t buy a kimono, when you are living outside of Japan. But thanks to the internet these troubles have already been solved. There are some online shops that offer international shipping.

As I’m living in Japan, I don’t have any clue, if their international shipping is recommendable or not. At least, the two online shops I’ll introduce today are shops I bought a lot and they really document all stains in detail, so there will be no bad surprise. 😉

The first online shop is called Shinei. As you already noticed, this is the shop I got most of the pictures from. They update every day, so even if you don’t want to buy one, it is a good way to pass some time when you feel bored.


They have lots of different categories for antique and recycle kimonos, but you can also search directly for kimonos with your size.

shinei2 shinei3

I pretty like that they even tell you condition and cloth what the kimono is made of.


They show all the kimono parts in detail and also write the size of mitake (length), yuki (sleeve and shoulder width) etc. very clearly, which makes it easy even for a beginner to buy the right kimono.

shinei5 shinei6

Another shop I really recommend is Ichiroya. They also have lots of categories, but don’t distinguish between antique and recycle, as well as they just have one category for all different types of kimono. So if you look for a specific, you have to search for it via search engine.

ichi1 ichi2 ichi3

I love that they are so detailed about every kimono and that they even make sketches of each kimono to show every single stain.

ichi4 ichi5 ichi6 ichi7

That they even recommend similar items is what I like the most about Ichiroya. 🙂 And they even recommend new outfits combined by their daughter. ( This online shop is definitely worth taking a look at.

There is just one thing I have to criticize about Ichiroya: on my opinion they are very expensive and they raise prices not based on quality but on pattern. If it is a design a lot of people are looking for the kimono or obi will definitely cost more than the quality can offer. However, Shinei definetly cares more about quality than pattern. thus the prices a cheap. Sometimes you can get a real bargain. 😉

Next time I will try to show you, what you should be attentive to when you buy a vintage or antique kimono.


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