Wa no Sōko

Today I want to introduce a place where I am going a lot recently. It is a recycle kimono shop called “Wa no Sōko” in Higashi-ku of Kumamoto City.


The owner seems very unfriendly at first sight, but I think you will definitely start to like him, when you talk to him. And he will never let you go without having a nice chat and a tasty cup of coffee.

The shop itself is quite big when you compare it to other shops in Kumamoto City and you may find very rare kimono. As the owner is a real professional when it comes to kimono, he chooses his range of goods carefully. But please be careful: Some of his advices shouldn’t be followed! Sometimes he says something like “You can wash kimono” and you really shouldn’t.

IMG_2130 IMG_2129

Anytime I go there, I’ll find something new. Last time I bought a hitoe which looks like an awase, which are very hard to find, but recommended for a hot April which is still awase season. In addition, this hitoe is an eba komon (絵羽小紋), which means that its pattern is not cut by any seam. The difference between eba pattern (see third lesson) and eba komon is that the second is still a komon and not formal, but a bit higher in rank than a normal komon.

Wa no Sōko has handmade haneri, obitome, and other accessories, too.

IMG_2133 IMG_2132

In the back of the shop wearing and making kimonos is taught.

Unfortunately this shop is a bit far from the city center, but nevertheless really worth visiting.

Address: 2-2-1 Koyama, Higashi-ku, Kumamoto-shi

Tel.: 070-5413-3660

How to get there: You take the bus “鹿4” from platform 14 of Kumamoto Kotsu Center until “Ippongi (一本木)”. It takes about 36 minutes. There is a Seven Elven near the bus stop “Ippongi”, so you can’t really miss it. Get off the bus and follow the street towards a tunnel. Behind the tunnel is a crossroad, where you turn right. You find “Wa no Sōko” on the left side.


They also have a blog and Facebook. 😉

http://ameblo.jp/wanosouko/ (Japanese)

Check it out!


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