10th Lesson: How to measure yourself

Sorry for my long absence, but summer and autumn had become very busy. Now it turned December and the best season in Japan has already started – (not winter, but) the awase season (2nd lesson)! However, when you want to buy a kimono, of course you should buy the right size.

It is said that you can wear a kimono best when the mitake (身丈) is the same as your height. A mitake +5cm or -5cm your height is ok, although I can’t really recommend -2cm or shorter.

The yuki (裄) is very hard to measure, so you will definitely need help to do this. Put your arm 45° to your body and measure from the middle of your neck to wrist. If you want a personal opinion about yuki is that I don’t really care about it. Yuki has nothing to do with wearing a kimono properly or not. You should decide by yourself, how long or short a yuki can be that you still feel comfortable.

Maehaba (前幅) should be the width from hip bone to hip bone -0,5cm to -0,8cm. You can adjust a long maehaba while putting a kimono on, but don’t buy a kimono with too short maehaba. You can adjust it to a certain degree, but I would never recommend that for beginners.


A last piece of advice: it is never inconvenient to know bust, waist, and hip girth. Stupid kimono lovers like me always carry their sizes with them – just in case they might find a cute kimono or kimono-cloth (tanmono 反物) somewhere. 😀


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