Ulala Kimono

Last weekend I finally made it to “Ulala Kimono”. It’s a kimono select shop located in Kurume City (Fukuoka Prefecture) and it is known for its select of several kimono brands which are famous for modern or antique design. They even offer brands whose stores are rare in Japan and you hardly have a chance to see.

This shop has no second-hand or antique kimono. That’s why they even offer kimono in big sizes. In addition, this shop sells everything to a very affordable prize.

The owner Mrs. Shioyama has a very good taste and feeling for colors. I had a nice chat with her and got some new pieces of advice for new kimono outfits. Especially fell in love with this outfit. I love how she combines mustard color to red and black to mitigate the contrast, but still keeps it modern and girly.

The shop has everything you need for wearing a kimono and also offers rental kimono for a day. I was impressed by the offer of countless different haneri and tabi.

  And by the big select of zōri.

Mrs. Shioyama also offers a bunch of obiage in thousands of different colors you could ever imagine. I got this “plain” kimono which was on sale, mustard colored obiage and obishime, which I combined to the mustard colored uraji. (Yes, I was totally won over to mustard-color-lovers!)


The best way to go there is by bus, because it is not so far from the highway (Kurume IC). Takes 1h15min from Fukuoka (Hakata Station) and 2h from Kumamoto station. It was quite easy to find. However, when you go there be aware of a too narrow road and the beastly steepest hill you have ever seen. But it’ll worth it!


Address: 2106-1 Miimachi, Kurume-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture

Tel.: 0942-43-9004

E-Mail: genkilotus2005@yahoo.co.jp

HP: http://ulala.area9.jp/

Mrs. Shioyama and her cute little daughter will surely give you a warm welcome!!


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