Being a TV-Star in Japan

It’s not long ago since I started to be a regular member on the local TV show “KumaPAWA” aired in Kumamoto Prefecture. How was the first time? Is my life changing? Read more about my experiences of being a local TV star.

How did I get on the show?

Well, I have actually no idea, because it happened very fast. Last year in September the show KumaPAWA contacted me, if I would like to be interviewed. They have a corner in the show called “kumamoto rabu na gaikoku-jin (Foreigner Who Love Kumamoto)” and they are always looking for some interesting foreigners living and working in Kumamoto. The recording was fun and they made a cute segment about me and my husband which had a very good feedback among the viewers and the TV station staff.

Six months later…

… I got an e-mail from the staff of KumaPAWA offering me to be regulary on the show as a comentator. Although I’m working full-time, I managed to get my boss saying “yes” and so my young TV career has started. I never planned to work infront of the camera – I was thinking about being AD, director, producer etc. but never being famous, so this was a very surprising outcome (Oh, life!).

First time live on TV


My very first live TV appearance was on April 3rd and I was shaking of nervousity and athrill of anticipation. And – as expected – my self introduction was a mess! Haha! I had no  idea which camera I should speak to, how much time I have left, what I should say besides my name, I even forgot how to breathe for a moment.

Getting used to it

Last Monday was my 9th show and I somehow can say that nervousity is gone. But it’s still hard to differ, what can I say when. And you always have to be wary that your co-comentators might disturb your statement and then it turns out like you said something really weird without delivering the actual message. That’s why there might be some people in Kumamoto who think that I hate Japanese yoghurt. Believe me, that was not what I wanted to say. Another day I found out that sometimes I look angry on the show although I’m not. So my recent task is to keep on smiling for an hour, what’s surprisingly hard! Haha!


If you’re planning to become famous in Japan, you should get used to watch yourself and to hear your own voice on TV. You should be prepared to find out, your Japanese sounds more foreigner-like than you think. And it’s so important to watch your on show and reflect. Think of what you could do better! Even the smallest thing can disturb or annoy a viewer. Being on TV is a back-breaking job and far way from glitter, fame and popularity.

By the way, recently I started to be recognized on Kumamoto’s streets. And I also received my very first fan letter. As it’s local TV not many people know me, but some and that’s already a way too happy fact.

If you ever come to Kumamoto, don’t miss KumaPAWA on 5th channel! 😉



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