Kimono Lessons in English

A few months ago I started to teach the art of kimono dressing. Today I want to introduce 2 of my precious girls and show you how far you can come in just 3 lessons.

6 months passed since we started our class. Olivia and Clare became real kimono enthusiasts and wear kimono when they can.

Yukata lesson

It all started with a 3-time course for yukata. We learned the kimono basics and how to make a too small kimono fit one’s body perfectly.


This is how far you can come in 3 times!

We discovered the differences between putting on a kimono and a yukata and mastered the way to tie a nagoya obi.


Clare was obsessed with the long sleeves and couldn’t get around to purchase a furisode. We had so much luck that we found one in her size and even an undergarment fitting her and the furisode perfectly.


Olivia bought a blue komon and orange nagoya obi and combined it with green komono.  That’s why we practiced how to to tie a o-taiko (お太鼓). (Please ignore the super messy room!)


The outcome: beautiful and confident ladies! I really love how kimono hide but emphasize femininity at the same time. Wearing kimono helps you to keep an upright carriage, which makes you feel more confident and beautiful.


Want to join a class?

You want to start learning the art of kimono? You already know how to put on a kimono, but still not sure about some points or want to know how to put on a kimono better and faster? Mail me and book a lesson. I would love to welcome you in Kumamoto!

Picture credits: © private / All rights reserved

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