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19th Lesson: How to Clean a Kimono

Recently I receive a lot of messages about how to wash or clean a kimono. Today I want to show you how to was a kimono or yukata.

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18th Lesson: Looking Traditionally Dressed – NOT!

Following the kimono rules, not following them is a never ending discussion between kimono professionals. And of course while this discussion is going on, some things were invented for looking like following the rules. Here we go!

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17th Lesson: Kimono Seasons

When you walk through the streets in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka or even Kumamoto, you’ll see that Japanese are so fancy and chic. And they change their look every season. Japan is a culture, where you dress depending on the season – maybe more than in any other culture of the world. Read more about the roots of Japanese fashion culture and the old Japanese calender.

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16th Lesson: Japanese Sandals

“I bought a kimono and would love to go out wearing it, but I’m still not sure what shoes I should wear?” Read all about Japanese sandals. How are they called and what is the difference? And most important: how much do they cost?

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Kimono Lessons in English

A few months ago I started to teach the art of kimono dressing. Today I want to introduce 2 of my precious girls and show you how far you can come in just 3 lessons.

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15th Lesson: Wedding Kimono

Probably the most special kimono among all kimono: the wedding kimono. What’s so special about it? How many kinds of wedding kimono do exist? And what do all those little items symbolize? Read all about the fashion of Japanese brides.

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14th Lesson: Summer Kimono (natsumono)

Last lesson I was talking that you always have to be prepared for the next season. A good reason to talk about summer kimono, I thought. Here we go!

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13th Lesson: Haori

When you wear kimono, you always have to be prepared for the next season. Making a kimono takes sometimes more than a month, so you should order your kimono, nagajuban etc. early. One reason why I always start to buy awase in August, although it was still in the middle of summer. 🙂

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12th Lesson: Haneri

Haneri (半襟, “half collar”) is a decorative collar sewed on the nagajuban, that you can put the erishin inside it, before wearing kimono. Erishin is a long, plastic strip which hardens the eri and helps you to show your neck prettily.

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11th Lesson: Obi… again!

Happy New Year!

2016 has just started. In January the big New Year’s Sale starts in Japan. If you ever come to Japan only for shopping, I highly recommend New Year’s and July. 🙂 Well, I did a lot New Year’s shopping, too, which inspired me to another lesson for my blog. And here it is! 😀

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