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Handmade accessory Wiz

Earrings are an essential item when wearing a kimono. The bigger the better! Today I want to introduce my number one handmade accessory store in Kumamoto for earrings and hair accessory.

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16th Lesson: Japanese Sandals

“I bought a kimono and would love to go out wearing it, but I’m still not sure what shoes I should wear?” Read all about Japanese sandals. How are they called and what is the difference? And most important: how much do they cost?

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Ulala Kimono

Last weekend I finally made it to “Ulala Kimono”. It’s a kimono select shop located in Kurume City (Fukuoka Prefecture) and it is known for its select of several kimono brands which are famous for modern or antique design. They even offer brands whose stores are rare in Japan and you hardly have a chance to see.

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10th Lesson: How to measure yourself

Sorry for my long absence, but summer and autumn had become very busy. Now it turned December and the best season in Japan has already started – (not winter, but) the awase season (2nd lesson)! However, when you want to buy a kimono, of course you should buy the right size.

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Wa no Sōko

Today I want to introduce a place where I am going a lot recently. It is a recycle kimono shop called “Wa no Sōko” in Higashi-ku of Kumamoto City.

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Checkpoints When Buying a Vintage Kimono

Of course, it’s important to know your size when you go out and buy your first vintage kimono. But there are also few other things you should be attentive to: stains! Here are all checkpoints that won’t make you regret your purchase.

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Online Shops

Most of you might think that you can’t buy a kimono, when you are living outside of Japan. But thanks to the internet these troubles have already been solved. There are some online shops that offer international shipping.

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