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Local Cuisine: Tsuboitei

This place makes you feel like you’ve Japanese relatives with a flair like your aunt’s home and traditional local cuisine with fresh ingredients produced in Kumamoto. Located right next to Hitsuyūkan Highschool it’s super easy to find.

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My Day as a furisode shinzō

During the Golden Week (first week in May) I had the chance to participate in the biggest historical show in Kumamoto City: the oiran dōchū. Find out more about the day when I became a Japanese prostitute in Edo-Period.

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Oiran-dōchū – The Parade of the Prostitutes

There wasn’t a big difference between prostitute and trendsetter in Edo-Japan – this is what the film “Geisha” told us. But what we mistakenly see as a geisha (芸者) is actually something different – the so-called oiran (花魁). Find out more about the fashion icon in old Japan!

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Winter in Kyūshū

The southern island Kyūshū lies on the same latitude of North Africa. So when we think of the climate in North Africa, no one would think of snow. Would you? Well, in Kyūshū everything is possible.

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The Keystone Garden

Sorry for the long absence. The new fiscal year started last week and the turn was busier than I thought. Today I want to introduce a new category for this blog which is for showing some nice spots in Japan suitable for having a kimono date.

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