Oiran-dōchū – The Parade of the Prostitutes

There wasn’t a big difference between prostitute and trendsetter in Edo-Japan – this is what the film “Geisha” told us. But what we mistakenly see as a geisha (芸者) is actually something different – the so-called oiran (花魁). Find out more about the fashion icon in old Japan!

Learn How to Kimono in Japan

“Kimono” literally means “the thing to wear”, but it’s actually not that easy to dress up. In Japan there are several courses where you can learn how to wear a kimono (kitsuke 着付け), but which one is the right one for you?

Winter in Kyūshū

The southern island Kyūshū lies on the same latitude of North Africa. So when we think of the climate in North Africa, no one would think of snow. Would you? Well, in Kyūshū everything is possible.

13th Lesson: Haori

When you wear kimono, you always have to be prepared for the next season. Making a kimono takes sometimes more than a month, so you should order your kimono, nagajuban etc. early. One reason why I always start to buy awase in August, although it was still in the middle of summer. 🙂 However, winter…



Hikone Castle

Fed up with crowded Kyoto? Yes! Everyone is! I went to Kyoto last November and was hoping that less tourists were there, because the peak of Japanese autumn leaves was already over… Nope! Not at all. Thousands of people where there. We planned to stay 2 days in Kyoto, but I couldn’t stand the overfilled…




先週末はやっと「Ulala Kimono」に行って来ました。久留米にある着物セレクトショップで、私は久留米出身であるキモノ番長のブログに通じて知りました。こんな近くに豆千代モダンなどの有名な着物ブランドを置いてる店はあるなんて本当に思わなかったです。

Ulala Kimono

Last weekend I finally made it to “Ulala Kimono”. It’s a kimono select shop located in Kurume City (Fukuoka Prefecture) and it is known for its select of several kimono brands which are famous for modern or antique design. They even offer brands whose stores are rare in Japan and you hardly have a chance…

12th Lesson: Haneri

Haneri (半襟, “half collar”) is a decorative collar sewed on the nagajuban, that you can put the erishin inside it, before wearing kimono. Erishin is a long, plastic strip which hardens the eri and helps you to show your neck prettily. If you are going to wear reisō, it is recommended to have a white…